We dedicate our Consultation and Services into 3 main segments :


�Leadership Development - Key Executives & Management
�Staff  Development & Training
�Coaching & Mentoring
�Business Planning �Goal Setting and Strategy  Planning
�Business Start-Up
�Human Resource Management
�Recruitment & Selection �Profiling Tests
�Organisational Culture Change, OT and OD
�Team Building
�Keynote Addresses
�Conference / Workshop Facilitation
�Real Estate Courses


Core Programmes:

"Do IT" 

The 'Do IT' program is one of our education-schools core programs. It is targeted at the youth to enhance their technical skills and competency, and their intrinsic personal development that are crucial to their future aspirations.

A part of the program is devoted to the participants' parents in a form of a workshop session to increase awareness how parents can be the positive catalyst in their children's development.

This program in essence attempts to enhance the participant's intellectual, metacognitive and social faculties.

The program will run over two days and it is residential. The participants are required to stay in overnight and will need accomodation.


"I M Possible" 

Alchemy I M POSSIBLE (IMP� is our signature program created and designed to  enhance the intrinsic self-development of the youth which is an element so vital in their future aspirations.

A self-identifying development and inspirational program for youth of different ages.

I M POSSIBLE (IMPâ„? is a program that redefines your life. IMPâ„?redefine who you are and what you want to be. The course will harness your natural abilities and inner you. It is developed from the basis that you are your own number one asset.

We are all diamonds. We come in different cut, colour and clarity. It is only the polish that is missing.

I M POSSIBLE begins by helping you to really identify who you are and what makes you. Then it helps you become the polished diamond by enhancing your cut, colour and clarity.

If you’re looking to launch yourself in your individual arena in 2010 this is what you

Need !

"Alchemy PSLE Mathematics Breakthrough Seminar "

A technical competency program tailored for the aspiring candidates of the 2010 PSLE Mathematics Paper to attain excellent results.

Alchemy PSLE Mathematics Breakthrough Seminar is a multifaceted program that encompasses the
1) learning and examination strategies
2) practical application and solution of the mathematics sums and 3) individual self-analysis and development.

This is an extensive half-a-day workshop to identify your strengths and weakness and enhance your technical competency in your quest to excel in the PSLE Mathematics Paper :

The program includes a practice and personal coaching segment and an elaborate presentation of the solution session.

Attend the Alchemy PSLE Mathematics BreakThrough Seminar to experience the quantum growth.

�#060;/span> Life Skills
- Personal Enhancement
- Leadership
- Financial Savvy
- IT Savvy

�Career Coaching
�Outdoor Learning - advocator of sports as a motivational tool and
essential lifeskill.
�Problem Based Learning


�Self Development programmes and courses 
�FIND programme  - Financial INDependence and Competency 
�Asset Management programmes
�Health is Wealth , Wealth is Health
�Parenting programmes
�Legal Issues 
�Islamic Finance and Banking