Have you developed a success plan for your career?

In today’s highly competitive globalised environment it is crucial to have a well formulated career plan.
Alchemy Success and Career Coaching helps people build satisfying careers throughout Singapore and beyond. Alchemy has been helping people succeed in the workplace. Our counselors provide highly focused career counseling and education to help individuals develop and reach their career goals.

Individual Career Counseling

Alchemy offers complete career development services. Our clients receive one-on-one, customized counseling designed to identify their skills, personality traits and interests and uncover satisfying careers. Result-oriented resumes and cover letters are created and clients develop proven job search strategies that result in interviews with potential employers. Practice in interview skills is an important part of the service and pertinent feedback is given to each person to help them to be more confident and effective. Alchemy takes you from finding the right path to completing your job search journey. Learn more...

Workshops and Seminars
Alchemy assists individuals to develop attributes beyond core job skills to make workforces more productive and successful. We help build competencies such as team building, leadership, communication, and motivation. Alchemy designs and delivers seminars, workshops and full training programs tailored to the needs of individuals looking to grow whether they are just starting out or already reaching across the globe. Learn more...

Youth Development Services
Alchemy works with students to develop skills and confidence necessary to succeed. Now, more than ever, today's youth must be ready to compete in a highly competitive world, make career decisions and have the insight to act upon those decisions. Alchemy develops and delivers youth-oriented career development programs. Learn more...

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