The process that guides the gaining and enhancing of assets along with their protection and distribution. Asset refers to financial and investment instruments , real estate,  intellectual property, an ongoing business and items of extrinsic value.

A person is his Number 1 Asset.

It is divided into three broad areas :

  1. Asset accumulation 
  2. Asset protection 
  3. Asset distribution

Asset accumulation: the primary goal is to enhance the value of existing assets by investing, acquire new assets, switching between types and classes of assets to attain higher net value, liquidation of asset for capital gain and reducing of credit.

Alchemy aspires to achieve this by encouraging account ownership among the unsaved, improving asset-accumulation programs, and implementing financial-education curricula.

  Asset protection: consists of the legal strategy to protect personal income , physical and liquid assets , business and interests using assurance plans, creating trusts, estate planning, succession planning, incorporation/legal entities from the implications of an eventuality, taxation, bankruptcy, forced liquidation,divorce and creditor lawsuits.

Asset distribution: focuses on the distribution and administration of wealth upon impending death and demise of a person. Donation, declaration of gifts, wills, intestate succession, estate duty, conveyancing and law of property act and Muslim law of inheritance.