Alchemy PSLE Mathematics Breakthrough Seminar

A technical competency program tailored for the 2010 PSLE Mathematics Paper candidates.

Alchemy PSLE Mathematics BreakThrough Seminar is a multifaceted program that encompasses the
  1. Learning and examination strategies .
  2. Practical application and solution of the mathematics sums and
  3. Individual self-analysis and development.

The seminar will focus on the key topics of the PSLE mathematics syllabus that are relevant up to the mid-year stage for all primary schools in Singapore.

Alchemy dedicated trainers has the experience and expertise to enhance your mathematical skills and knowledge to attain high levels of individual competency.

The programme :

This is an extensive half-a-day workshop to identify your strengths and weakness and enhance your technical competency in your quest to excel in the PSLE Mathematics Paper :

  1. Learning and examination strategies to enhance your preparation.
  2. Analysis of the Mathematics topics and concepts.
  3. Individual exercise and practice of the mathematics sums from the easy to the challenging.
  4. The effective techniques in problem solving.
  5. Where do I stand? Am I prepared for the PSLE 2010 Mathematics Paper?.
The program includes a practice and personal coaching segment and an elaborate presentation of the solution session.
It will transform you. The mathematics alchemists wants to develop you.

Attend the Mid-Year Edition of the Alchemy PSLE Mathematics Breakthrough Seminar to experience the quantum growth.

In Alchemy 'We will make you Grow'.

Course Details :
Date :  26 June 2010 (Saturday)
Venue :  Republic Polytechnic
Time  : 12.00pm - 6.00 pm.Registration starts at 11.30am.
Lunch and Break at scheduled timings.
Course Fee : SGD $100.00
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