“To be the management consultant of choice for people and organizations of diverse profiles and disciplines in Singapore and the globalised arena ”.


• To actualize the role as the catalyst of growth and the alchemist of transforming people.

• To help people and organizations achieve maximum effectiveness and peak performance to attain
holistic success in their private and corporate lives.

• To attain excellence in the consulting field by constantly enhancing our skill, knowledge and
competence in our endeavour to inspire our clients achieve the cutting edge application employing
both the prescriptive and facilitative approaches

Name, Logo and Slogan

Name : Alchemy means predecessor of chemistry: an earlier and unscientific form of chemistry, seeking to transform base metals into gold and to discover a life-prolonging elixir, a universal cure for disease, and a universal solvent.

[14th century. Via Old French alquemie and medieval Latin alchimia from Arabic al-kīmiyā “the chemistry,” ultimately from Greek khēmeia .]

The name of Alchemy is chosen to represent our obsession to transform people to be much more than their present state and actualize their innate potential.
That is to become gold from mere base metal. The other analogy is to become the ‘polished’ diamond from the ‘raw uncut’ diamond.

Logo : Our corporate logo which is taken from the form of a book , symbolizes the relentless pursuit of knowledge to enhance oneself to be best that one can be. Learning is continual, lifelong and it never stops.

Slogan :Catalyst of Growth , Transforming People

We are in the business of spurring, helping people grow and transforming them. That is why we say in Alchemy , “We will make you grow”.

Our Core Values

1. We care and respect every individual and have empathy.
2. We conduct ourselves with integrity and benevolence.
3. Lifelong learning and relentless pursuance of knowledge to attain wisdom.
4. Building relationships is the cornerstone of human prosperity.
5. The more one gives , the more one gets.


To our Clients:

The client is the number one reason for our existence and we commit ourselves to persistently enhance our services and products in terms of quality and innovation.

To our Employees:

We value our people by promoting a conducive environment for them to perform to the best of their capability. To recognize their work and contributions and to develop them to their maximum potential. To help them achieve holistically balanced successful lives.

To our Community:

We are fully aware of our social responsibility and the good corporate citizenship by always conducting ourselves to the high standards of professionalism, morals and ethics.